About us

We did not want to be a regular digital marketing agency which billed you on leads, appointments and were so transactional that we would not differentiate between what is good for you in the long term vs what helps us secure our short term immediate monthly invoice.

We did not want to be a regular in-house employee of yours who are so focused on our work that we fail to keep track of trends in marketing which are sweeping across the world and which are transforming marketing practices world over.

We did not want to be a regular consultant for you who advises you on cutting edge trends which not just dents a huge hole in your pocket but also fails to give you practical and tangible results.

We always wanted to become what we are.

At BuzzLogic, we do things which are right for you, even though it does not freaking make any business sense for us. At times, people have told us, we are too straight and we will perish very soon because we are too upfront. And that’s fine with us. If we perish, we will do something else with the skills we have gained and will work somewhere.. But we realise – your business is the core essence of your existence and we will not hide anything what you want to know. But sometimes, that is really brutal. You have to have an open mind if you want to work with us.

We are Small. But Size does not matter, Intent does.

At BuzzLogic, our founders and core management team have worked with large enterprises and have setup marketing teams from scratch at multiple companies in their past-experiences. We at BuzzLogic have helped multiple businesses across India set their marketing strategies right. Our small size has never been a problem, in fact we come across as a super flexible, agile and innovative firm in the marketing industry.

We were born in 2017. Yes, that is this year.

Yet, we have a pretty long list of clients and we would be happy if you want to speak to them. We would be happier if you try us out and get a pre-paid marketing assessment and workshop done to understand where your marketing function stands today.

We help you adopt a 360° perspective to building your brand, amplify reach, engagement and conversions using our Marketing Strategy Advisory, Consulting and Services. 

Contact us today if you want to run your Enterprise Marketing team like a Marathon and Not a Sprint!