How can BuzzLogic help you?

How can BuzzLogic Help you?

We work for you in Two-Simple-Steps. One. Two.

  • Step#1: We undertake a quick pre-paid marketing assessment of your organisation. We visit your company, talk to senior stakeholders, different folks within the company (sampling), understand your goals, challenges and budget and craft the leanest yet innovative marketing strategy for your business. At the end of the assessment, we present the detailed marketing strategy for your business. It normally takes 16-32 hours for discussion, rigorous¬†research , analysis and drafting the strategy. Overall about 40 hours. These 40 hours help you know where you have to fix your marketing and where to focus for the coming year for ultra-effective results.
  • Step#2: Based on the marketing strategy we present, we also list down our recommendations of what you should be doing. But then based on your priorities, in consultation with you, we help you execute the strategy. We can continue to offer Marketing mentoring to your team, advisory services if you are hiring your own in-house marketing team. Or we can take care of the end-to-end execution for you as well. We work on retainer model.

Contact us today if you are facing challenges with your marketing and we would love to speak.

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