Branding & Thought Leadership

Branding is not just creating logos, visiting cards, letterheads and social media pages. Of course we know you know that Branding is much beyond all of this.

We help create the Thought leader positioning for you in your market space. Whatever industry you are in, whatever size you are in, we will ensure that your brand gets enough mentions all around – online, print and electronic.

At BuzzLogic, we help build the brand for your CXOs. Every company is known by its leadership and that is why Google Analytics shows you that About us and leadership pages are often the most visited pages after the homepage. We help you get greater speaking opportunities in webinars, podcasts, interviews and also take care of your Public Relations and Media Relations. In addition, we help you apply for award and win them! Ok – we went overboard on that last one and would want to share one thing – We will NEVER game the system. We are marketers who will not do things wrong to give you a short term profit.

We do branding for our clients and totally understand that we will put a lot of our brand at stake if we do things wrong. And that is where we will do periodic Risk analysis profiling of your brand and also take care of the reputation management of your brand.

At BuzzLogic, we will bring in logic to the buzz and decipher it for you and present you the final insights. Give us a try. Get BuzzLogic services.