Field Marketing

While the world is going digital as we spend more and more time on more productive apps, everyone now is also craving for that personal connect and interaction.

With Field marketing experts at BuzzLogic, you can not only build relationships locally with your clients but you can also be present in all the local events where your client is attending. We let you know where your clients are going to be and then you decide if you want to be there or you want us to represent you there.

If you decide to go to an event, we ensure that we create the perfect event marketing strategy for you which allows you to get 5x more returns from your investments in conference marketing. You don’t have to take our word for it – Try us in an event – You will be pleasantly surprised.

We do workshops, events, meetups, conferences for you so that you ride on the thought leadership wave and build greater credibility in the market. We will also negotiate speaker slots at conferences for you and your leadership team. Do we need to tell you that if you get to become a speaker at the event – you will get 10X more number of leads from an event than if you are an attendee?

More questions? Contact us today at BuzzLogic to know more.